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Johns Hopkins 吳子丑老師暑期實驗室申請相關資訊


Johns Hopkins吳子丑老師暑期實驗室相關申請資訊如下,課程大綱請見附檔。

 課程時間:6/26~8/2 開放人數: 3人

 有興趣申請的同學請於4/9前繳交以下文件至Emily Farmer

1. resume/CV 2. a short statement (~200-500 words in English) about why they're interested in Dr. Wu's research

 申請結果將於4/13通知,錄取的同學請完成Online Survey(詳見課程大綱)

 成功申請上暑期課程將可獲得獎學金補助




Due to the need to apply for a J-1 visa to participate in the research elective, as well as the limited number of spaces available in Dr. Wu's lab, we will only be able to accept three students from National Yang Ming to participate in the research elective program over the summer. Students interested in participating in Dr. Wu's research elective will need to send a copy of their resume/CV and a short statement (~200-500 words in English) about why they're interested in Dr. Wu's research to me no later than Monday, April 9.

I will notify the students Dr. Wu selects to participate in his research elective on Friday, April 13 and send them directions on how to apply to the Visiting Medical Student Program. Students who are not selected to participate in Dr. Wu's lab can still participate in the Summer Discussion Course and can apply separately to other research electives in different Hopkins labs.

Summer Immunology Discussion course will run from Tuesday, June 26 to Thursday, August 2. There is an online survey course participants will need to take in order to sign up for their lecture topic (see link at the top of syllabus). If the survey link does not work, please ask students to contact me directly via email and I will send them the survey link. Assigned lecture topic based off of survey responses will be announced closer to the course start date.

Emily Farmer

Research Program Coordinator for Dr. T.-C. Wu

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Department of Pathology · Division of Gynecologic Pathology

Tel: 410.502.8097

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